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Genetic DNA Testing | Cancer's A Bitch

Back in December I had blood drawn for some genetic testing.

Because I have Eastern European Jewish lineage on my dads side, I qualified for a small handful of tests to find out if I was at a high risk of ovarian cancer, and additional breast cancer.

On February 4th I had a quick call with the Genetic Counsellor who informed me that all of the tests had come back negative (eff you BRCA genes 1 and 2) - and today I received the "Final Laboratory Genetics Report" breaking everything down.

While most of it is mumble jumble to me, the following details (and the ones I assume are the most important) were dumbed down enough for me to understand ...


  • INTERPRETATION: Negative. DNA sequencing of the coding regions of BRCA1 exon 2, exon 20 and BRCA2 exon 11, did not identify any of the variants of concern.

  • This individual is not at increased lifetime-risk for HBOC related cancers due to the variants of concern.

Now obviously there are still hundreds (if not thousands) of other genetic markers and defects that I could potentially test positive for, however, based on my family's heritage and medical history, the BRCA genes are the ones that would be most likely to cause me grief - so I'm taking this as a win!

And not just for me, but also for my female cousins on my dads side, as chances are, if I'm negative for these genetic defects, so are they.

So to Nancy, Debbie, Shari and Tina - winner winner chicken dinner!! ;)


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Alison G
Alison G
Feb 20, 2019

Thanks Don! I'm sure we could both think of other hands we'd rather have been dealt, but it it what it is, right?! I appreciate the prayers and support. And yes, F*ck Cancer!!


Congratulations on this wonderful news Alison ! I feel honored and privileged to be part of your updates .As a two time cancer survivor myself lord knows I am pulling for you ! Don't get me wrong I am not a overly religious person but I do include you and my son in my nightly prayers.F*ck Cancer....

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