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There are a lot of great and informative resources out there, and I've come across many of them over the years. Here are a few of them. And if you'd like to see what else I've got saved in the ole memory bank, head on over to my Facebook page.

Once you educate yourself,

You're left with choices

Breast Self Exam | Cancer's A Bitch Blog


Cancer doesn't discriminate, so stay on top of your boobs!

Regular self-exams are the best way to ensure early detection, so make it a habit. The more you LOVE THEM & RUB THEM, the better chance you'll have of noticing something that wasn't there before.

And if you feel something, go see your doctor. Listen to your intuition. Go get screened. Don't wait!

Furthermore, and to quote Susan Greenstein Orel, MD; "The biggest misconception about mammography is that it picks up every breast cancer. In fact, mammography misses at least 10% of breast cancer. So if you feel a lump that doesn't show up on a mammogram, bring it to your doctor's attention. Get it evaluated." 

Listen to your intuition, and don't worry about being a pain in the ass. It's not worth it to wait and see if it goes away. Trust me!

My message isn't to live in fear, it is to be aware, and to be your own advocate when need be!

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